Wednesday, 18 June 2008

sketches for paintings

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alabee said...

Stephen! i just discovered this. this is Lauren, of Lauren & Sam/Other Sounds... we began a blog on here a couple of years ago and proceeded to do nothing with it, really. just thought i'd say hello and that i'm happy to have found somewhere to appreciate yr ace ace art! hope all is going well for you. your independent press thing sounds awesome. a friend and i are thinking of starting up a small zine incl. writing and art, focusing on people's first pieces of creative writing/local, student art. writing would include music/film/arts writing as well as essays on anything they fancy, really... but mainly focus on prose/poetry. so if we manage to get this off the ground it would be cool to keep in touch in a keeping-zines-together kind of way!

hi to Lizzy; hope you're both good!

Lauren x